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Indian Railway is a service oriented commercial organization. The Commercial department is one of the executive departments of the railways managing all the activities having direct interface with the customers. The commercial department is the earning member of the railway family and it is responsible for the sale of transportation provided by a railway, for creating and developing traffic, for securing and maintaining friendly relations with the travelling and trading public and for cultivating good public relations. Commercial department is devoted to provide comforts before, during and after the journey. In order to provide batter services and comforts to the rail users, following activities are being done by commercial department:-


  1. To provide facility of enquiry regarding reservation and running of trains.
  2. To issue reserved and unreserved journey tickets.
  3. Booking, loading / unloading and delivery of Goods, parcel, luggage and livestock traffic.
  4. To provide catering service and other passenger amenities.
  5. Accommodate passengers in waiting rooms/halls, retiring rooms and in trains as well.
  6. Checking of tickets at stations and in trains. Collection of charges from without ticket and irregular travelers. Charging of unbooked luggage.
  7. Settlement of claims related to passengers if any.
  8. Maintain public relations.
  9. Redressal of public complaints/grievances.
  10. Providing Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sevak (JTBS),YTSK.(Yatri ticket suvidha Kendra)

It is the prime motto or principle of every commercial organization that every customer is satisfied mentally and physically with the services provided. In this line though Indian Railways is a commercial organization, the prime object is to serve and secondary is to earn the profit. Commercial department plays an important role in achieving both the objects by marketing the services provided by the organization.

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-01-2018