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     As on 10.02.2012
NameDesignation & stationBatchGroup A/BWorking in other depttt
/On trg
1Shri A.K. KapoorCEE1978A 
2Shri Ved PalCELE1980A 
3Shri Ratan LalCEDE1980  
4Shri PatiramCETE(Plg.)1981A 
5Shri H.P AgarwalSAG1982AOn training
6Shri S.K. SukalikarSAG1982AOn training
7Shri R K MishraCESE1985A 
8Shri MukeshSr.DEE/TRD/JBP1989A 
9Shri P K KhatriSr DEE (TRD) KTT1990A 
10Shri L. L. MeenaSr DEE/TRO/KTT1990A 
11Shri D L MeenaSr DEE (G)/KTT1991A 
12Shri Sameer SaigalDy CEE/W/BPL1991A 
13Shri A K SinhaSr DEE/G/BPL1992A 
14Shri Vinayak GargSr DEE (TRS) TKD1994A 
15Shri R K SinghSr DEE (TRD) BPL1996A 
16Shri Yoghendra Baghel 1997A 
17Shri Rukmaya MeenaSr DEE (TRO) BPL1998A 
18Shri Surendra YadavSr DEE (TRS) NKJ1998A 
19Shri Sanjay KumarDy.CEE/RE/KTT1999AIn RE
20Shri S. P. SinghSr.DEE/TRS/ET1999A 
21Shri N K SaxenaDy CEE/G/HQ2000A 
22Shri Aseem KumarSr DSO/JBP2000ASafety Deptt
23Shri C. DevadasDy CEE/C/JBP2001A 
24Vikas TriphatiDY CEE/RS/HQ2001A 
25Harish RanjanSr.DEE/G/JBP2002A 
26Shri S K AgrawalSSO/HQNAASafety Deptt
27Shri D K ShrivastavaWM/ELECT/CRWS/BPLNAA 
28Shri Prahlad VermaDEE/RE/KTTNAAIn RE
29Shri A. P. SinghEEE/OP/HQNAA 
30Shri Bharat BhusanDEE/RE/KTTNAAIn RE
31Shri Mohan Singh MeenaDEE/TRS/TKD2006A 
32Shri A K MathurDEE/TRS/ETNAB 
33Shri.D.K.JainOn Study leave   
34Shri A. K. PathakDEE/TRS/NKJNAB 
35Shri Y K VimalDEE(TRD) BPLNAB 
36Shri R. D. KushwahaDEE/TRO/JBPNAB 
37Shri Ashok KumarDEE/C/KTTNAB 
38Shri Sanjay ManoriaDEE/G/JBPNAB 
39Shri P K SwamiSecy to CEENAB 
40Shri Padmanabhan MDEE/TRD/KTTNAB 
41Shri Sanjay TiwariDEE/TRO/BPLNAB 
42Shri P C SharmaEEE/TRD/HQNAB 
43Shri Jitendra yadavADEE/TRS/TKD2007A 
44Sharad Gautamunder sick2008A 
45Shri S K ShrivastavaADSO/BPLNAB 
46Shri D D ShrivastavaADEE/G/BPLNAB 
47Shri Jeet SinghADEE/TRS/TKDNAB 
48Shri Sudesh PalADEE (WRS) KTTNAB 
49Shri R B PatelADEE/C/JBPNAB 
50Shri Kalika PrasadAEEE/Const./HQNAB 
51Shri H K SharmaADEE/TRD/BINANABSafety Deptt (Ex -cadre)
52Shri Murliram YadavADEE/TRD/ETNAB 
53Shri Neeraj Kumar SharmaADEE-I(TRS)ETNAB 
54Shri J.K. JainAVO/JBPNABVigilance Deptt.(Ex-adre)
55Shri Ajay SharmaADEE/G/KTTNAB 
57Shri A.P. SrivastavaADEE/C/BPLNAB 
58Shri M.A. SiddiquiAEEE/HQNAB 
59Shri J.K. TiwariADEE/G/JBPNAB 
60Shri V.K. SinghADEE/TRS/ETNAB 
61Shri Murli Dhar KoriADEE-II /TRS/ NKJNAB 
62Shri V.K. AbhichnadaniAEEE/G/HQNAB 
63Shri Aalok Behari AgarwalADEE/TRD/JBPNAB 
64Shri DeenanathAEE/lOCO/HQNAB 
65Shri Manish SrivastavaADEE-I /TRS/ NKJNAB 
66Shri Rahul Kumar ChaudhaADEE/TRD/SGZNAB 
67Ram NarayanAEEE/RENABIn RE
68M.L. ChaurasiaADEE(TRO)KTTNAB 
69P.C. BhatnagarADEE/TRD/BTENAB 
70Sanjay PandeyADEE/TRD/SGONAB 

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-02-2012  

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