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"Vendors are requested to kindly also check the CORRIGENDUM if any before submitting the Quotation.
It is their responsibility to Download the related CORRIGENDUM if any."

 Department : Stores

Note: All the following linked documents should be printed and duly signed all individual pages should accompany the offer:

Important Information about MSEs


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Instruction to Register firm for implementation of e-mail bulletin tender
Important instruction of E- procurement
Modification of Tender Condition of New Tender booklet Part-I
Modification of Tender Condition of Tender Booklet Part - II.


Special Notice for E-Procurement for Bulletin Tender

These instructions will be applicable in the Advertisement tenders opening after 01-04-2008.



Tender Booklet-II

Download here



Vendor to submit Booklet-II
(Only Part - II Booklet duly signed is to be returned along with offer)

Download here







Important Information : Firms are their own interest are advised to visit the WCR website to check for corrigendum, if any, before submitting the offer The tender notice & document is in pdf format. To view and print the same you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be freely downloaded from


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