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  Various modifications prescribed by Railway Board/RDSO for improving the performance of coaches, are being implemented in this Workshop. Some of them are :-

  1. Laying of FRP tissue on trough floor.
  2. Provision of Stainless Steel Inlays in Lavatories.
  3. Retrofitment of Air Brakes (Bogie mounted system is being provided).
  4. All fire prevention measures/modifications are being carried out.
  5. Coach flooring with 12 mm Compreg and PVC flooring. Welding of PVC sheets is being done.
  6. Pop Riveting of mirror frame and mouldings is being done.

* The workshop has built three shunting vehicles locally without any assistance from outside. This has been done to cater for the increased shunting requirement of Workshop.

* The Roller Bearing Section has been improved and all recommendations of COFMOW report have been implemented. All roller bearings are subjected to die-penetrant testing.

* Magnaflux testing of helical springs (axle box and bolster), BSS Hangers and brake block hangers.

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-12-2011