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Tender Schedule of EPS/52/2014

AT/20.14.1205 AT/20.14.2800 AT/20.14.3172

AT/20.14.3316 AT/20.14.3368 AT/20.14.4283

AT/20.14.4371 AT/30.14.1323 AT/30.14.1344

AT/30.14.1462 AT/30.14.5006 AT/30.14.5014

AT/38.14.3386 AT/38.14.8040 AT/40.14.2233

AT/50.14.3035 AT/50.14.3083 AT/80.14.1008

AT/80.14.1063 AT/90.14.1325


Tender Schedule of EPS/52/2014

Annexure 'A' page-1 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Annexure 'A' page-2 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Drg. of T. No. 30.14.5006

Drg. of T. No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.01 of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.02 of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.03 of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.04 of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC-119 REV-04 & ID of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC 119 AMD.05 of T.No. 30.14.5014

ICF MD SPEC 119 AND.06 of T.No. 30.14.5014

Spec1 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Spec2 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Spec3 of T.No. 30.14.5006

Spec4 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Spec5 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Spec6 of T. No. 30.14.5006

Spec7 of T. No. 30.14.5006
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.5006 & 30.14.5014
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.5006
Advertised Tender No. WCR-S-HQ-MMIS-AMC -Depot Server Dated    13-11-2014

Tender document

Tender Schedule of EPS/51/2014

AT/10.13.4527 AT/10.14.3168 AT/10.14.4357

AT/20.14.1431 AT/20.14.2760 AT/30.14.1203

AT/30.14.1214 AT/30.14.1243 AT/30.14.1409

AT/30.14.5009 AT/30.14.5013 AT/34.14.2529

AT/38.14.8031 AT/38.14.8037 AT/40.14.1088

AT/40.14.2204 AT/40.14.2605 AT/40.14.5017

AT/40.14.5045 AT/40.14.5046 AT/50.14.3091

AT/65.12.8021 AT/65.14.8024 AT/65.14.8030



Tender Schedule of EPS/51/2014


Annexure of T.No.30.14.1203

Drawing 1 of T.No.30.14.1203

Drawing 2 of T.No.30.14.1203

Drawing 3 of T.No.30.14.1203

Drawing of T.No. 30.14.5009

Lay out of T.No. 65.12.8021

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8021

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8024

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8030
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.5013

Tender Schedule of EPS/50/2014

AT/10.14.1641 AT/10.14.3705 AT/20.14.4375

AT/34.14.3066 AT/38.14.4125 AT/38.14.4126

AT/38.14.8033 AT/80.14.1113


Tender Schedule of EPS/50/2014

Tender Schedule of EPS/49/2014

AT/20.14.2844 AT/20.14.4013 AT/20.14.4077

AT/20.14.4168 AT/38.14.1840 AT/38.14.1844

AT/38.14.2405 AT/40.14.8023 AT/70.14.8007



Tender Schedule of EPS/49/2014


Specn of T.No.70.14.8007
corrigendum to Tender No. 80.14.5023
Tender Schedule of EPS/48/2014

AT/20.14.1827 AT/20.14.1851 AT/20.14.2195

AT/20.14.3417 AT/38.14.2274 AT/40.14.1678

AT/50.14.5054 AT/50.14.5062 AT/50.14.5065


Tender Schedule of EPS/48/2014
Cancellation Advice of T.No. 50.14.5062

Tender Schedule of EPS/47/2014

AT/10.14.2220 AT/10.14.2829 AT/10.14.2841

AT/10.14.4428 AT/10.14.4459 AT/10.14.5377

AT/30.14.1021 AT/30.14.1023 AT/30.14.1142

AT/30.14.1145 AT/30.14.1229 AT/30.14.1233

AT/30.14.1240 AT/30.14.1259 AT/30.14.1493

AT/34.13.1139 AT/38.14.1126 AT/38.14.2200

AT/38.14.2365 AT/38.14.4158 AT/38.14.8041

AT/40.14.5034 AT/50.14.5072 AT/50.14.6500

AT/50.14.8052 AT/62.14.2516 AT/62.14.3471

AT/62.14.4012 AT/62.14.4014 AT/65.13.8067



Tender Schedule of EPS/47/2014


Annexure 'A' of T.No. 40.14.5034

Annexure of T.No.10.14.5377

Annexure of T.No.38.14.8041

Drawing of T.No. 10.14.5377

Eligibility Criteria of T. No. 65.13.8067

Tech Specn- 1 of T.No. 50.14.6500

Tech Specn -2 of T.No. 50.14.6500

Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8067

Tender Schedule of EPS/46/2014

AT/10.14.2686 AT/10.14.3001 AT/20.14.1014

AT/20.14.1050 AT/20.14.2079 AT/20.14.2198

AT/20.14.2803 AT/20.14.2815 AT/20.14.3594

AT/30.12.1125 AT/30.13.2605 AT/34.14.3119

AT/38.14.3373 AT/50.13.5062 AT/62.14.2002

AT/62.14.2094 AT/62.14.4001 AT/65.14.8012



Tender Schedule of EPS/46/2014

Eligibility crteria of T. No. 65.14.8012
Tech Specn of T.No. 65.14.8012
Annexure of T.No. 20.14.2079
Annexure of T.No. 20.14.3594

Tender Schedule of EPS/45/2014

AT/10.13.4600 AT/10.14.4529 AT/20.14.1012

AT/20.14.1336 AT/20.14.2096 AT/20.14.2451

AT/20.14.3114 AT/20.14.4232 AT/20.14.4233

AT/30.14.1128 AT/30.14.1300 AT/30.14.1301

AT/30.14.1349 AT/30.14.1380 AT/30.14.1402

AT/30.14.1461 AT/30.14.1465 AT/30.14.1466

AT/30.14.1492 AT/38.14.2108 AT/38.14.2172

AT/38.14.2311 AT/38.14.2606 AT/38.14.3396

AT/40.14.1812 AT/50.12.8151 AT/50.14.5078

AT/50.14.8091 AT/61.13.2416 AT/62.14.1006

AT/65.12.8066 AT/65.14.6507 AT/65.14.8016



Tender Schedule of EPS/45/2014

Annexure of T.No. 20.14.2096

Annexure of T.No. 38.14.2311

Drg.1 of T. No. 30.14.1466

Drg.2 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.3 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.4 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.5 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.6 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.7 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.8 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.9 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.10 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.11 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg.12 of T.No. 30.14.1466

Drg. of T. No. 30.14.1465

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8066

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8027

Specn of T.No.50.14.5078

STR1 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR2 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR3 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR4 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR5 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR6 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR7 of T. No. 30.14.1466

STR of T.No.30.14.1465

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.6507

Tech specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8016
Cancellation Advice  of t.No. 61.13.2416
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.1349
corrigendum to Tender No.30.14.1128, 30.14.1465 & 30.14.1466

Tender Schedule of EPS/44/2014

AT/10.14.1646 AT/10.14.2116 AT/10.14.2117

AT/10.14.2131 AT/10.14.2209 AT/10.14.2332

AT/10.14.2343 AT/10.14.2345 AT/10.14.2667

AT/20.14.3130 AT/20.14.3438 AT/20.14.4139

AT/30.14.1052 AT/30.14.1088 AT/30.14.1091

AT/30.14.1098 AT/30.14.1115 AT/30.14.1135

AT/30.14.1170 AT/30.14.1187 AT/30.14.1242

AT/30.14.1303 AT/30.14.1308 AT/30.14.1316

AT/30.14.1356 AT/30.14.1444 AT/30.14.1476

AT/30.14.5007 AT/38.14.1769 AT/38.14.1770

AT/38.14.2605 AT/38.14.8036 AT/50.14.8099

AT/60.13.8003 AT/60.14.1152 AT/60.14.5022

AT/60.14.8000 AT/60.14.8001 AT/62.14.1100



Tender Schedule of EPS/44/2014


Annexure 1 (Specn) of T.No. 60.14.8000

Annexure -1(PVC) of T.No. 50.14.8099

Drawing of T.No. 60.14.8000

Drg.1 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.2 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.3 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.4 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.5 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.6 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Drg.7 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Specn of T.No.70.13.5105

STR001-1 of T.No. 30.14.1444

STR001-2 of T.No. 30.14.1444

STR001-3 of T.No. 30.14.1444

STR001-4 of T.No. 30.14.1444

Tech Specn of T.No. 60.14.5022

ANNEXURE-1(Specn)OF T.No. 60.13.8003

ANNEXURE-2Eligibility OF T.No. 60.13.8003

Annexure A of T.No. 60.14.8001

Annexure B of T.No. 60.14.8001

Annexure C of T.No. 60.14.8001

Line Diagram1 of T.No. 60.14.8001

Line Diagram 2 of T.No. 60.14.8001
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.1242

Tender Schedule of EPS/43/2014

AT/10.14.2703 AT/10.14.3766 AT/20.14.3654

AT/30.14.1008 AT/30.14.1136 AT/30.14.1143

AT/30.14.1165 AT/30.14.1202 AT/30.14.1206

AT/30.14.1216 AT/30.14.1271 AT/30.14.1272

AT/30.14.1282 AT/30.14.1310 AT/30.14.1399

AT/30.14.1441 AT/30.14.1445 AT/30.14.1446

AT/38.14.1678 AT/38.14.1847 AT/38.14.2217

AT/38.14.2603 AT/38.14.8029 AT/38.14.8037

AT/38.14.8038 AT/38.14.8039 AT/40.14.2024

AT/50.14.3124 AT/50.14.5087 AT/50.14.5089

AT/50.14.6500 AT/65.09.8145 AT/65.13.8065



Tender Schedule of EPS/43/2014

Annexure of T.No. 30.14.1202

Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8065

Drawing.1 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.2 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.3 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.4 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.5 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.6 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Drawing.7 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.09.8145

SPL Cond.1 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.2 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.3 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.4 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.5 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.6 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.7 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.8 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.9 of T.No. 30.14.1202

SPL Cond.10 of T.No. 30.14.1202

Tech Specn of T.No. 50.14.6500
Cancellation Advice of T.No.50.14.6500
corrigendum to Tender No.70.13.5037
Annexure(Drg)- 1 of T.No. 70.13.5037
Annexure(Drg)- 2 of T.No. 70.13.5037
Annexure(Drg)- 3 of T.No. 70.13.5037

Tender Schedule of EPS/42/2014

AT/10.14.3739 AT/20.13.4240 AT/20.14.1013

AT/20.14.1933 AT/20.14.2086 AT/20.14.2192

AT/20.14.2202 AT/20.14.2856 AT/20.14.3186

AT/20.14.3398 AT/20.14.4106 AT/20.14.4291

AT/30.14.1039 AT/30.14.1044 AT/30.14.1085

AT/38.14.0026 AT/38.14.1770 AT/38.14.2121

AT/38.14.2199 AT/38.14.2260 AT/38.14.4117

AT/38.14.8031 AT/40.14.1677 AT/40.14.1680

AT/40.14.2200 AT/50.14.5026 AT/50.14.8067

AT/61.14.2459 AT/62.14.1053 AT/65.13.8018

AT/65.13.8050 AT/65.14.6504 AT/65.14.6505

AT/65.14.8007 AT/65.14.8010 AT/70.12.5087



Tender Schedule of EPS/42/2014

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8050

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.6504

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.6505

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8007

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8010

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8018
Corrigendum to T.No. 61.14.2459
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.2200 and 38.14.1770
Cancellation Advice of T.No.10.14.3739

Tender Schedule of EPS/41/2014

AT/10.12.5247 AT/10.14.4561 AT/20.14.2059

AT/20.14.3671 AT/20.14.4026 AT/20.14.4066

AT/20.14.4278 AT/20.14.4294 AT/20.14.4302

AT/30.14.1056 AT/30.14.1238 AT/34.14.4078

AT/38.14.2107 AT/40.14.1955 AT/40.14.2068

AT/40.14.2180 AT/40.14.8014 AT/40.14.8015

AT/60.14.5017 AT/61.14.2455 AT/80.13.1012

AT/80.14.1522 AT/80.14.5019


Tender Schedule of EPS/41/2014


Annexure'A' of T.No.80.14.5019

Specn of T.No. 60.14.5017
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.8014 and 40.14.8015
Cancellation of tender No. 80.14.5019
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.1955 and 40.14.2068
Tender Schedule of EPS/40/2014

AT/10.14.5111 AT/10.14.5393 AT/30.14.1146

AT/30.14.1484 AT/34.14.4076 AT/38.14.1774

AT/38.14.2261 AT/38.14.2330 AT/38.14.3386

AT/38.14.8004 AT/40.14.5022 AT/50.13.8042

AT/50.14.1017 AT/50.14.3081 AT/65.13.5007

AT/65.13.8049 AT/65.13.8079 AT/65.14.8000

AT/65.14.8002 AT/65.14.8012 AT/65.14.8021

AT/65.14.8022 AT/65.14.8025 AT/80.14.8000


Tender Schedule of EPS/40/2014


Annexure -1 of T.No.50.13.8042 RDSO letter

Annexure -A Pg1 of T.No.40.14.5022

Annexure-A Pg2 of T.No.40.14.5022

Annexure-X of T.No. 50.13.8042

Specification of T.No. 80.14.8000

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No 65.14.8021

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8000

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8025

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.5007

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8049

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8079

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8002

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8012

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8022
corrigendum to Tender No. 65.14.8012
Cancellation of tender No.65.14.8012
Annexure (Specn) of T.No. 65.14.8025
corrigendum to Tender No. 65.14.8025
Cancellation of tender No.50.13.8042

Tender Schedule of EPS/39/2014

AT/30.13.1030 AT/30.14.1323 AT/30.14.1361

AT/38.14.2259 AT/38.14.3390 AT/40.14.8017

AT/50.13.5058 AT/50.14.3123 AT/50.14.5024

AT/50.14.5063 AT/50.14.5071 AT/61.14.1682

AT/65.14.8015 AT/65.14.8018 AT/65.14.8020

AT/65.14.8023 AT/65.14.8024


Tender Schedule of EPS/39/2014


Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8018

Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8020

Specn & Annexure _II of T.No.65.14.8023

Specn & Annexure-IIof T.No. 65.14.8024

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8015

specn of T.No. 50.14.5071
corrigendum to Tender No. 65.14.8020

Advertised tender No.WCR-S-HQ-MMIS-AMC-rp 3440 Server

Tender Document

Tender Schedule of EPS/38/2014

AT/20.14.5014 AT/30.14.1035 AT/30.14.1041

AT/30.14.1048 AT/30.14.1148 AT/30.14.1201

AT/30.14.1351 AT/30.14.1378 AT/34.14.3050

AT/34.14.3064 AT/38.14.2169 AT/38.14.2414

AT/38.14.8027 AT/40.14.5017 AT/40.14.5018

AT/40.14.8018 AT/61.14.1656 AT/61.14.2401

AT/62.13.4011 AT/70.13.5102 AT/70.13.5120


Tender Schedule of EPS/38/2014

Annexure 'A'of T.No 40.14.5018

Annexure of T.No. 70.13.5120

Enclouser-1Drg of T.No.70.13.5102

Enclouser-2Tech.Desc of T.No.70.13.5102

Enclouser-3Tech.Details of T.No.70.13.5102
Specification & Conditionsof T.No.70.14.5080
corrigendum to Tender No. 20.14.5014

Tender Schedule of EPS/37/2014

AT/10.14.5110 AT/10.14.5388 AT/20.14.1892

AT/20.14.3592 AT/30.14.1003 AT/30.14.1027

AT/30.14.1037 AT/30.14.1055 AT/30.14.1218

AT/30.14.1260 AT/30.14.1268 AT/30.14.1401

AT/30.14.1437 AT/34.14.3073 AT/38.14.1776

AT/38.14.2169 AT/38.14.3364 AT/38.14.3561

AT/50.14.5065 AT/60.14.1101 AT/61.14.1203

AT/61.14.1652 AT/61.14.2419 AT/62.14.1006

AT/65.11.8041 AT/65.12.8076 AT/65.13.8031

AT/65.13.8063 AT/65.14.8014 AT/80.13.1122

AT/80.14.1140 AT/80.14.1177 AT/80.14.1180

AT/80.14.1521 AT/90.14.1208 AT/90.14.8002

AT/90.14.8003 AT/90.14.8006

Tender Schedule of EPS/37/2014

Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8063
Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8076
Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8031
Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.11.8041
Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8014
Cancellation of tender No.38.14.2169
corrigendum to Tender No.10.14.5388

Tender Schedule of EPS/36/2014

AT/10.13.4527 AT/10.14.4725 AT/20.14.2173

AT/20.14.3055 AT/20.14.3056 AT/20.14.3470

AT/20.14.3566 AT/30.14.1249 AT/30.14.1409

AT/34.14.3031 AT/38.14.0024 AT/38.14.1084

AT/38.14.1347 AT/38.14.1779 AT/38.14.1795

AT/38.14.1798 AT/38.14.1827 AT/38.14.2071

AT/38.14.2116 AT/38.14.2139 AT/38.14.2168

AT/38.14.2171 AT/38.14.2173 AT/38.14.2174

AT/38.14.2201 AT/38.14.2273 AT/38.14.3370

AT/38.14.3413 AT/38.14.4145 AT/38.14.4155

AT/38.14.8030 AT/40.14.1389 AT/40.14.2502

AT/50.13.3427 AT/50.14.5066 AT/50.14.5067

AT/50.14.8065 AT/57.14.8005 AT/80.14.1474

AT/90.14.1083 AT/90.14.1307 AT/90.14.1317


Tender Schedule of EPS/36/2014


Annexure of T.No.57.14.8005

Specn of T.No.50.14.5066

Specn of T.No.57.14.8005

Tech Specn of T.No.50.14.5067

Tool kit list of T.No. 50.14.8065
corrigendum to Tender No. 50.13.3427
corrigendum to Tender No. 38.14.2139
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.2502
corrigendum to Tender No. 20.14.3566

Tender Schedule of EPS/35/2014

AT/10.14.5379 AT/20.14.1824 AT/30.14.1464
AT/30.14.5015 AT/30.14.5016 AT/38.13.2611
AT/38.13.3567 AT/38.14.1612 AT/38.14.1772
AT/38.14.1808 AT/38.14.1844 AT/38.14.2202
AT/38.14.2250 AT/38.14.2251 AT/38.14.2266
AT/38.14.2324 AT/38.14.2621 AT/38.14.3361
AT/38.14.3568 AT/38.14.4146 AT/38.14.4170
AT/38.14.8033 AT/40.14.1826 AT/40.14.2202
AT/40.14.2613 AT/50.13.5010 AT/50.14.5074

Tender Schedule of EPS/35/2014

Annexure of T.No.40.14.2022
Annexure_A1 of T.No.30.14.5016
Annexure_A of T.No.30.14.5016
Drawing of T.No. 30.14.5016
Drg of T.No.30.14.5015
Drg_1 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-2 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-3 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-4 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-5 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-6 of T.No.30.10.1464
Drg-7 of T.No.30.10.1464
ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.01 of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.02 of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.03 of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD.04 of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC-119 REV-04 & ID of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC 119 AMD.05 of T.No.30.14.5016
ICF MD SPEC-119 AMD 06 of T.No.30.14.5016
Spec of T.No.50.13.5010
STR1 of T.No.30.14.1464
STR2 of T.No.30.14.1464
STR3 of T.No.30.14.1464
STR4 of T.No.30.14.1464
STR5 of T.No.30.14.1464
STR6 of T.No.30.14.1464
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.1826

Tender Schedule of EPS/34/2014

AT/10.14.1631 AT/10.14.1641 AT/10.14.1971
AT/20.12.2451 AT/20.13.3061 AT/20.14.3648
AT/30.14.1022 AT/30.14.1100 AT/30.14.1277
AT/34.14.3063 AT/34.14.3114 AT/38.14.2292
AT/38.14.2317 AT/38.14.2405 AT/38.14.2410
AT/61.14.1543 AT/61.14.1653 AT/61.14.2407
AT/61.14.2429 AT/80.14.1017 AT/80.14.1431 

Tender Schedule of EPS/34/2014
corrigendum to Tender No. 61.14.2407
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.1277
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.14.1100

Tender Schedule of EPS/33/2014

AT/10.12.5158 AT/10.14.1092 AT/10.14.1145
AT/10.14.1742 AT/10.14.1822 AT/10.14.1997
AT/10.14.2534 AT/10.14.2536 AT/10.14.5116
AT/20.13.8018 AT/30.12.1271 AT/30.14.5006
AT/30.14.5011 AT/30.14.5012 AT/34.14.3066
AT/38.14.1840 AT/38.14.2208 AT/38.14.3381
AT/40.10.5053 AT/40.14.2022 AT/65.12.8034
AT/65.12.8066 AT/65.12.8071 AT/65.13.8005
AT/65.13.8030 AT/65.13.8046 AT/65.13.8062
AT/65.14.8003 AT/80.14.1018 AT/90.13.1024

Tender Schedule of EPS/33/2014

Annexure A (Pg.2) of T.No.30.14.5012

annexure of T.No.10.12.5158
Annexure of T.No. 40.10.5053

Annexure of T.No. 40.14.2022

Annexure_A (pg.2) of T.No.30.14.5006

Annexure_A of T.No. 30.14.5006

Annexure_A of T.No. 30.14.5012

Drawing of T.No. 30.14.5012

Drawing of T.No.30.14.5006

Drawing of T.No.30.14.5011

Specn & annexire-II of T.No. 65.12.8071

Specn & annexire-II of T.No.65.13.8046

Specn & annexure-II of T. No. 65.13.8062

Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8066

SPECN 119 AMD.05 of T. No. 30.14.5012

SPECN 119 AMD.05 of T.No.30.14.5006

SPECN 119 AND.06 of T.No. 30.14.5006

Specn of T.No.30.14.5006

SPECN-119 AMD.01 T.No. 30.14.5012

SPECN-119 AMD.02of T.No. 30.14.5012

SPECN-119 AMD.02 of T.No.30.14.5006

SPECN-119 AMD.03 of T.No. 30.14.5012

SPECN-119 AMD.03 of T.No.30.14.5006

SPECN-119 AMD.04 of T.No. 30.14.5012

SPECN-119 AMD.04 of T.No.30.14.5006

SPECN-119 REV-04 & ID of T.No. 30.14.5006

SPECN-119 REV-04 & ID of T.No. 30.14.5012

Tech specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8034

Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8005

Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8030

Tech specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8003
corrigendum to Tender No. 65.13.8062
corrigendum to Tender No. 30.12.1271

Tender Document
Tender Schedule of EPS/32/2014

AT/10.14.4521 AT/20.14.2078 AT/30.14.8005
AT/38.14.1616 AT/38.14.2200 AT/38.14.2338
AT/38.14.4139 AT/40.14.1090 AT/40.14.2661
AT/40.14.5013 AT/40.14.5014 AT/40.14.8009
AT/60.14.1007 AT/61.14.1230 AT/61.14.2043
AT/62.14.2011 AT/70.14.8002 

Tender Schedule of EPS/32/2014

Annexure  of T. No. 20.14.2078
Annexure-A of T. No. 40.14.5014
Annexure-A of T.No. 40.14.5013
corrigendum to T.No. 61.14.2043

Tender Schedule of EPS/31/2014

AT/10.13.4631 AT/10.14.2842 AT/30.14.1023
AT/34.13.1139 AT/38.14.4125 AT/38.14.8007
AT/38.14.8008 AT/38.14.8010 AT/38.14.8012
AT/38.14.8014 AT/38.14.8015 AT/38.14.8017
AT/38.14.8018 AT/34.18.8019 AT/38.14.8020
AT/38.14.8023 AT/38.14.8026 AT/38.14.8028
AT/40.14.2023 AT/40.14.2024 AT/40.14.2037
AT/40.14.2199 AT/40.14.2501 AT/40.14.2658
AT/40.14.5015 AT/40.14.8010 AT/62.14.1027
AT/65.13.5001 AT/65.14.8016 AT/80.13.1038 

Tender Schedule of EPS/31/2014

Annexure of T.No. 40.14.2037
Annexure of T.No.40.14.2023
Annexure-A of T.No.40.14.5015
Annexure-B of T.No.40.14.5015
Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.5001
Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8016
corrigendum to T.No. 40.14.2501
Annexure of T.No. 38.14.8007

Tender Schedule of EPS/30/2014

AT/10.13.4600 AT/10.14.4531 AT/10.14.4567
AT/20.13.4240 AT/20.14.3573 AT/30.14.1040
AT/30.14.1202 AT/30.14.5009 AT/30.14.5010
AT/30.14.5013 AT/38.14.2210 AT/38.14.2421
AT/38.14.2550 AT/38.14.3365 AT/38.14.8011
AT/38.14.8013 AT/30.14.5014 AT/40.14.8007
AT/50.13.5037 AT/50.13.8223 AT/50.14.5003
AT/50.14.5008 AT/50.14.8012 AT/60.14.1234
AT/60.14.1235 AT/60.14.5014 AT/62.14.3601
AT/62.14.3602 AT/62.14.3605 AT/65.13.8003
AT/65.13.8039 AT/65.13.8050 AT/90.13.1088

Tender Schedule of EPS/30/2014

Annexure of 30.14.1202
Annexure of T.No.90.13.1088

Drawing of 30.14.1202
Drawing 1 of 30.14.1202

Drawing 2 of 30.14.1202

Drawing 3 of 30.14.1202

Drawing 4 of 30.14.1202

Drawing 5 of 30.14.1202


SPL Cond. of 30.14.1202
SPL Cond. 1 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 2 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 3 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 4 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 5 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 6 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 7 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 8 of 30.14.1202

SPL Cond. 9 of 30.14.1202

Complete Description of T.No.50.13.5037

Tech Specn of T.No. 50.13.8223

Specn of T.No.50.14.5003

Specn of T.No.50.14.5008

Technical specification of T.No.60.14.5014

RDSO Specification of T.NO.60.14.5014

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8003

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8039

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8050

Tender Schedule of EPS/29/2014

AT/10.12.5247 AT/10.13.2631 AT/10.14.5110
AT/30.14.1173 AT/38.14.2206 AT/38.14.4168
AT/38.14.4169 AT/40.14.2064 AT/40.14.2660
AT/40.14.2693 AT/65.12.8055 AT/65.14.5004
AT/65.14.8005 AT/65.14.8010 AT/65.14.8017
AT/70.13.5102 AT/70.13.5120 AT/90.14.1311

Tender Schedule of EPS/29/2014 

Annexure of T.No.70.13.5120

Annexure to T.No.40.14.2693

Enclouser-1Drg of T.No.70.13.5102

Enclouser-2Tech.Desc of T.No.70.13.5102

Enclouser-3Tech.Details of T.No.70.13.5102

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8055

Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.14.5004

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8005

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8010

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8017
corrigendum to Tender No 65.14.8017 & 65.14.5004

Tender Schedule of EPS/28/2014

AT/10.14.5111 AT/20.14.2458 AT/20.14.2535
AT/20.14.5019 AT/30.13.2003 AT/30.13.2501
AT/30.14.5003 AT/30.14.5004 AT/30.14.5005
AT/30.14.5007 AT/30.14.5008 AT/50.13.5060
AT/70.13.5104 AT/80.13.1059 AT/90.14.1318

Tender Schedule of EPS/28/2014
Annexure of T.No.20.14.5019
Drawing of T.N. 30.14.5003
Drawing of T.N. 30.14.5004
Drawing of T.N. 30.14.5005
Drawing of T.N. 30.14.5007
Drawing of T.N. 30.14.5008
corrigendum to T.No. 30.14.5008
corrigendum to T.No. 30.13.2501

Tender Schedule of EPS/27/2014

AT/10.13.4352 AT/10.13.5095 AT/40.14.2659
AT/50.12.8078 AT/50.12.8151 AT/50.13.8025

Tender Schedule of EPS/27/2014

Sketch of T.No.62.14.2090

Tender Schedule of EPS/26/2014

AT/30.13.1030 AT/30.13.8023 AT/30.14.1265

AT/34.14.3036 AT/34.14.3072 AT/62.14.2520

AT/62.14.4011 AT/62.14.4075

Tender Schedule of EPS/26/2014

Annexure-I of T.No.30.13.8023
Special Conditions of T.No.30.13.8023(Eligibility)
corrigendum to Tender no. 62.14.4011 & 62.14.4075

Tender Schedule of EPS/25/2014

AT/20.14.2543 AT/40.14.1176 AT/50.14.5024
AT/60.13.8003 AT/61.13.1519 AT/70.13.5105

Tender Schedule of EPS/25/2014

Enclouser-1 of T.No. 70.13.5102 Drg3
Enclouser-2 of T.No.70.13.5102 Tech Desc
Enclouser-3 of T.No.70.13.5102 Tech Details
Specn of T.No.60.13.8003
corrigendum to Tender No.80.13.1113
Cancellation of tender No.70.13.5105

Tender Schedule of EPS/24/2014

AT/10.13.4631 AT/30.13.1157 AT/30.13.1229
AT/30.14.1128 AT/38.14.4156 AT/50.13.5010
AT/50.13.8137 AT/50.14.5020 AT/90.13.1112

Tender Schedule of EPS/24/2014
Annexure of T.No.30.14.1128
Tech Specs of T.No.50.13.8137(4 ports)
Tech Specs of T.No.50.13.8137(48 Port)

Advertised Tender No.WCR-S HQ MMIS AMC rp 3440 Server         Tender Document

Tender Schedule of EPS/23/2014

AT/10.13.4578 AT/10.14.4671 AT/20.14.2530
AT/30.13.1044 AT/30.13.1156 AT/30.13.1223
AT/40.13.2222 AT/40.13.2233 AT/50.13.5058

Tender Schedule of EPS/23/2014


Tender Schedule of AT/02/2014


Tender Schedule of EPS/22/2014

AT/20.13.2451 AT/30.12.8048 AT/30.14.1238

AT/30.14.1275 AT/30.14.1280 AT/30.14.1304

AT/38.13.3361 AT/40.13.2015 AT/40.14.8004

Tender Schedule of EPS/22/2014
Annexure of T.No.40 14.8004

Tender Schedule of EPS/21/2014

AT/40.13.2204 AT/50.12.8011 AT/50.13.5062

AT/50.14.5013 AT/57.13.8016 AT/70.14.5009

Tender Schedule of EPS/21/2014

Annexure of T.NO.50.12.8011 (PVC)
Annexure-1 & 2 of T.No.57.13.8016
Annexure-I of T.NO.70.14.5009
Annexure-II of T.NO.70.14.5009

Tender Schedule of EPS/20/2014

AT/10.13.1954 AT/10.13.2286 AT/10.13.2631

AT/10.13.4600 AT/38.14.8002 AT/40.14.1038

Tender Schedule of EPS/20/2014
Annexure of T.No. 38.14.8002

Tender Schedule of EPS/19/2014

AT/10.12.5247 AT/10.13.4512 AT/10.14.5110

AT/10.14.5111 AT/20.13.1827 AT/20.13.1832

AT/20.13.2079 AT/20.14.5014 AT/30.13.1466

AT/40.14.8002 AT/50.13.3427 AT/61.13.2459


Tender Schedule of EPS/19/2014

Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_0
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_1
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_2
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_3
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_4
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_5
Annexure of T.No. 30.13.1466 STR_6
Annexure of T.No. 20.13.2079

Tender Schedule of EPS/18/2014

AT/38.14.8001 AT/40.13.5028 AT/40.13.5040

AT/50.12.8146 AT/57.13.5424 AT/62.13.3471


Tender Schedule of EPS/18/2014

Annexure_A of T.No.40.13.5028
Annexure_B of T.No.40.13.5028
Tech. Specn of T.No.57.13.5424

Tender Schedule of EPS/17/2014

AT/10.13.2688 AT/10.13.5128 AT/20.13.1851

AT/20.13.4373 AT/20.14.5009 AT/38.13.2428

Tender Schedule of EPS/17/2014

Annexure of T.No.20.14.5009

Cancellation of tender No. 38.13.2428

Tender Schedule of EPS/16/2014

AT/10.14.5108 AT/30.14.1012 AT/30.14.1043

AT/30.14.1189 AT/30.14.1436 AT/38.13.3559

AT/80.13.1012 AT/80.13.1118 AT/80.13.1146

Tender Schedule of EPS/16/2014

Annexure of T.No.10.14.5108

AT 01_2014

Tender Schedule of AT/01/2014


Tender Schedule of EPS/15/2014

AT/20.13.3314 AT/20.13.4240 AT/20.13.8018

AT/30.14.1035 AT/30.14.1128 AT/38.14.2421

AT/38.14.3351 AT/38.14.3357 AT/40.13.8013

AT/50.13.8141 AT/70.14.5019 AT/80.13.1008



Tender Schedule of EPS/15/2014


Annexure of T.No.20.13.8018

Annexure of T.No.30.14.1128

Annexure-I of T.No.40.13.8013

Annexure-I of T.No.70.14.5019
Annexure to Tender No. 50.13.8141
Corrigendum to Tender  No. 50.13.8141
Cancellation of tender No. 38.14.3357

Tender Schedule of EPS/14/2014

AT/20.13.3061 AT/20.13.3449 AT/20.13.3654

AT/20.14.2086 AT/30.14.1146 AT/38.13.3401

AT/65.12.8018 AT/65.13.5007 AT/65.14.5001

AT/65.14.6502 AT/65.14.8000 AT/65.14.8002

AT/70.13.5105 AT/70.13.5120 AT/80.13.1521



Tender Schedule of EPS/14/2014


Annexure -II of T.No.65.12.8018

Annexure of T.No. 70.13.5120

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.5007

Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.14.5001

Specn of T.No.70.13.5105

Tech Specn & Annexure-II 65.14.6502

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8000

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8002

Tech Specn of T.No.65.12.8018

Corrigendum to T.No. 70.13.5105

Corrigendum to T.No. 90.13.1088

Tender Schedule of EPS/13/2014

AT/30.13.3560 AT/50.13.8176 AT/65.12.8014

AT/65.12.8020 AT/70.12.8022 AT/90.13.1015


Tender schedule of EPS/13/2014

Annexure-II of tender No.65.12.8020

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T. No.65.12.8014

Tech Specn of T.No.65.12.8020
Cancellation of tender No.90.13.1015

Tender Schedule of EPS/12/2014

AT/10.13.4510 AT/10.13.5047 AT/20.13.3470

AT/20.13.4232 AT/20.13.4372 AT/20.13.5008

AT/30.13.1157 AT/30.13.1302 AT/30.14.5001

AT/50.13.8154 AT/65.12.8077 AT/65.13.8003

AT/65.13.8044 AT/65.13.8046 AT/65.13.8065

AT/65.13.8067 AT/65.14.6500 AT/65.14.8001

Tender schedule of EPS/12/2014

Annexure-I of T.No.50.13.8154- PVC
Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8065 
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8077
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8003
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8046
Specn and Annex-II of T.No.65.14.8001
Specn of T.No .65.13.8065 Page 10-12
Specn of T.No.65.13.8065 Page1-3
Specn of T.No.65.13.8065 page7-9
Specn of T.No. 65.13.8065 page4-6
Specn of T.No. 65.13.8065 page13-15
Specn of T.No. 65.13.8065 page16-18
Specn of T.No. 65.13.8065 page19-22
Specn of T.No. 65.13.8065 page 23-25
Tech Spec & Annex-II of T.No.65.13.8044
Tech Spec & Annex-II of T.No.65.13.8067
Tecn Spec and Annex-II of T.No.65.14.6500
Cancellation of tender No.65.13.8067


Transport contract to move material from receiving ward of stores depot to other wards within the premises of CRWS/BPL (to the maximum distance of 500 Mtrs) due on 14.03.2014

Tender Document

Tender Schedule of EPS/11/2014

AT/20.12.2451 AT/20.13.8020 AT/20.13.8021

AT/30.13.8015 AT/40.13.2202 AT/40.14.5000

AT/50.13.8134 AT/80.13.1307

Tender schedule of EPS/11/2014

Tech Specn of T.No.50.13.8134

Tender Schedule of EPS/10/2014

AT/10.12.5156 AT/30.13.2451 AT/20.13.3065

AT/20.13.4030 AT/20.13.4054 AT/20.13.4168

AT/20.13.8006 AT/30.14.5000 AT/40.13.2204

AT/40.13.2661 AT/65.12.8021 AT/65.12.8071

AT/65.12.8074 AT/65.13.6511 AT/65.13.8074



Tender schedule of EPS/10/2014


Drawing of Tender No.65.12.8074

Specn & Aeexure-II of T.No.65.12.8074

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8071

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8074

Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8074_1

Tec specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.6511

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.12.8021
Corrigendum to Tender No. 65.12.8021
Drawing of T.No.65.12.8021
corrigendum to T.No. 20.13.4168

Tender Schedule of EPS/09/2014

AT/10.13.2477 AT/30.14.2604 AT/34.13.3010

AT/40.13.5058 AT/50.13.5038 AT/50.13.5062

AT/50.13.8226 AT/60.14.5000


Tender Schedule of EPS/09/2014

Annexure of T.No.50.13.8226

Specn of T.No.60.14.5000-A

Specn of T.No.60.14.5000-B
corrigendum to T.No. 50.13.8226

Tender Schedule of EPS/08/2014

AT/10.13.4482 AT/10.13.4627 AT/20.13.3114

AT/20.13.3397 AT/30.13.2501 AT/30.13.2523

AT/30.13.3352 AT/30.13.3396 AT/50.13.5058

AT/50.13.8182 AT/50.13.8219 AT/62.13.4012

AT/65.13.8079 AT/70.14.5000 AT/80.13.1147


Tender Schedule of EPS/08/2014


Tech Specn of T.No.65.13.8079

Tech.Specn of T.No.50.13.8219

Corrigendum to T.No. 62.13.4012
Corrigendum to T.No. 20.13.3397
corrigendum to Tender No. 50.13.8219

Tender Schedule of EPS/07/2014

AT/10.12.5098 AT/10.13.5041 AT/20.13.1050

AT/20.13.3396 AT/20.13.3659 AT/30.13.1130

AT/30.13.1162 AT/30.13.1163 AT/30.13.1164

AT/30.13.1172 AT/30.13.1313 AT/30.13.4171

AT/34.13.3050 AT/40.13.5018 AT/50.13.5009

AT/50.13.8135 AT/57.13.5424 AT/57.13.8016

AT/61.13.2416 AT/70.12.5057


Tender schedule of EPS/07/2014


Tech specn of T.No.50.13.5009 -8_port_router

Tech Specn of T.No. 50.13.5009-4_port_router

Annexure No-01 of T.No.57.13.8016

Annexure No-02 of T.No.57.13.8016

Annexure of T.No.10.12.5098

Tech Specn of T.No.50.13.8135

Tech Specn of T.No.57.13.5424


Transport contract to bring Railway material including loading, unloading, moving and stacking ofmaterial at the point of loading and unloading from Mumbai (Printing Press, C. Railway/Byculla& Printing Press, W. Railway/Mahalaxmi to General Stores Depot, Bhopal.

Tender Document

Tender Schedule of EPS/06/2014

AT/10.13.4561 AT/10.13.4578 AT/10.13.4650

AT/10.13.4653 AT/10.13.8009 AT/30.13.1272

AT/30.13.1281 AT/30.13.1282 AT/30.13.1402

AT/30.13.4150 AT/3013.5010 AT/30.13.8024

AT/4013.2233 AT/40.13.5040 AT/70.13.5107



Tender Schedule of EPS/06/2014


Annexure of T.No. 70.13.8014

Annexure of T.No. 70.13.5107

Annexure of T.No. 10.13.8009

Tender Schedule of EPS/05/2014

AT/10.13.4555 AT/10.13.4600 AT/20.13.3443

AT/65.13.5001 AT/65.13.5004 AT/65.13.5009

AT/65.13.6506 AT/65.13.8042 AT.65.13.8055



Tender Schedule of EPS/05/2014


Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.5004

Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8069

Specification of T.No.65.13.8069

Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8055

Tech. Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.5001

Tech specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8042

Tech specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.5009

Tech Specn & annexure-II of T.No.65.13.6506
corrigendum to T.No. 65.13.5004

Tender Schedule of EPS/04/2014

AT/10.13.8011 AT/10.13.8012 AT/20.13.2202

AT/20.13.3237 AT/20.13.4106 AT/30.13.1223

AT/30.13.1347 AT/30.13.2003 AT/30.13.3561

AT/30.13.4117 AT/30.13.4155 AT/40.13.2014

AT/50.12.8123 AT/50.13.8202 AT/62.13.1100

AT/65.12.8051 AT/65.12.8056 AT/65.13.8066


Tender Schedule of EPS/04/2014


Specn & AnnexureII of T.No.65.12.8056

Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.13.8066
Tech Specn of T.No. 65.12.8051page1-2
Tech Specn of T.No.65.12.8051page3-4

Tech Specn of T.No. 65.12.8051 page 5-6

Tech Specn of T.No.65.12.8051 page 7and annexure-II

Terms & Conditions of T.No.10.13.8012
corrigendum to 20.13.3237
corrigendum_II to Tender No. 20.13.3237

Tender Schedule of EPS/03/2014

AT/10.13.4553 AT/10.13.5047 AT/20.12.5062

AT/20.13.1479 AT/20.13.1490 AT/20.13.1511

AT/20.13.3666 AT/20.13.4175 AT/20.13.4240

AT/20.13.5027 AT/20.13.8017 AT/30.13.8022

AT/30.13.8023 AT/57.13.5336 AT/60.13.1101

AT/61.13.2407 AT/70.13.5120 AT/80.12.1337

AT/80.13.1522 AT


Tender Schedule of EPS/03/2014


Drawings of T.No.30.13.8022

Drawing of T.No.30.13.8023_1
Drawing of T.No.30.13.8023_2

Drawing of T.No.30.13.8023_3
Special condition of T.No.30.13.8022

Annexure of T.No. 70.13.5120

Annexure-A of T. No.30.13.8022

Annexure-I of T.No. 30.13.8023

Specification of T.No.57.13.5336

Special condition of T.No.30.13.8023
corrigendum to T.No. 60.13.1101
corrigendum to T.No. 80.13.1522

Tender Schedule of EPS/02/2014

AT/10.13.4512 AT/10.13.4633 AT/20.13.1500

AT/20.13.2687 AT/20.13.2793 AT/20.13.3448

AT/20.13.3604 AT/30.13.1035 AT/30.13.1410

AT/30.13.3380 AT/30.13.3382 AT/30.13.4158

AT/40.13.2180 AT/40.13.2660 AT/40.13.5028

AT/50.13.5050 AT/50.13.8175 AT/57.13.8003

AT/62.13.3471 AT/62.13.4007 AT/80.13.1050



Tender Schedule of EPS/02/2014

Annexure to tender no 40.13.5028
Annexure to tender no 80.13.1334
Annexure to tender no 50.13.8175
Annexure to tender no 40.13.5028
Drawing to tender no 50.13.8175
Annexure to tender no 57.13.8003_I
Annexure to tender no 57.13.8003_II
Corrigendum to T.No. 10.13.4633

Tender Schedule of EPS/01/2014

AT/20.12.4368 AT/20.12.5033 AT/20.13.2096

AT/20.13.2471 AT/20.13.2531 AT/20.13.4029

AT/30.13.1064 AT/30.13.1080 AT/30.13.1156

AT/30.13.1207 AT/30.13.1229 AT/30.13.1295

AT/30.13.1302 AT/30.13.1411 AT/30.13.5011

AT/50.13.8146 AT/50.13.8191 AT/70.13.5118

Tender Schedule of EPS/01/2014

Annexure to tender no.20.13.2096
Annexure of T.No.70.13.5118
corrigendum to T.No.20.13.2096

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-12-2016  

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