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  Tender Schedule of EPS/52/2015

  Schedule A & B of T. No. 65.12.8034

  Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8034

     corrigendum to tender No. 30.15.1272 


 Tender Schedule of EPS/51/2015

 Annexure of T.N II - 65.15.5001


 Tender Schedule of EPS/50/2015
  Annexure of T.N 40.15.2037


Tender Schedule of EPS/49/2015
 Corrigendum to tender No.30.15.1115


Tender Schedule of EPS/48/2015
Annexure of  T.N 90.15.1088

Corrigendum to tender No 62.15.3471


Tender Schedule of EPS/47/2015
Annexure 01 of T.No. 50.15.8037
Annexure 02 of T.No. 50.15.8037
Annexure 03 of T.No. 50.15.8037
Annexure 04 of T.No. 50.15.8037
Specn.of T.No 65.15.5007

 Corrigendum to tender No.50.15.8037 and 65.15.5007

 Corrected Specn 01 of T.No 65.15.5007

 Corrected Specn 02 of T.No 65.15.5007
 Corrected Specn 03 of T.No 65.15.5007


Tender Schedule of EPS/46/2015
Specn. of T.No. 65.15.5004
 cancellation advice to tender 70.14.5122


Tender schedule of EPS 45/2015
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.15.8015


Tender Schedule of EPS/44/2015 


Tender Schedule of EPS/ 43 /2015
Annexure of T.No.38.15.2359
Specn of T.No. 50.15.5013
Cancellation advice to Tender 50.15.8041


Tender Schedule of EPS/42/2015
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.15.5006
Tech Specn & Anneure -II of T.No. 65.14.8000
Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.15.8010
Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.15.8016   
 corrigendum to tender No 65.14.8000


Tender Schedule of EPS/41/2015
Annexure of T.No.30.15.5007
Annexure of T.No.40.15.2202
AnnexureB of T.No.40.15.2202
Drg.of T.No.30.15.5007
Drg.01 of T.No.30.15.5007
corrigendum to tender No.40.15.2202


Tender Schedule of EPS/40/2015
Annexure of T.No. 20.15.3594
Specn & Annexure -II of T.No.65.15.5004 

 Corrigendum to tender No.20.15.4319


Tender Schedule of EPS/39/2015
Annexure A of  T. No. 30.15.1202
Drg.1 of T.No. 30.15.1202
Drg.2 of T.No. 30.15.1202
Drg.3 of T.No. 30.15.1202
Drg.4 of T.No. 30.15.1202
Drg.5 of T.No. 30.15.1202

SPL Cond.1 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.2 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.3 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.4 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.5 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.6 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.7 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.8 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.9 of T.No. 30.15.1202
SPL Cond.10 of T.No. 30.15.1202
Drg.1 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.2 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.3 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.4 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.5 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.6 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.7 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.8 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.9 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.10 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.11 of T.No. 30.15.1466
Drg.12 of T.No. 30.15.1466

STR1 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR2 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR3 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR4 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR5 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR6 of T. No. 30.15.1466
STR7 of T. No. 30.15.1466

Corrigendum to Tender No.30.15.1437

 EPS /38/2015

Tender Schedule of EPS/38/2015 

Annexure A of T.No. 50.15.8003

Manual advertised tender Notice/Document No. WCR/S-HQ/MMIS/AMC/software/15-16. Dt.10.08.2015

Tender Notice & Document


Tender Schedule of EPS/37/2015
Annexure of T.No. 20.15.2078
Annexure of T.No. 38.15.2311
Annexure of T.No. 40.15.8026
Annexure of T.No. 65.12.8034
Annexure of T.No. 65.14.8022
Annexure of T.No. 65.15.8010
Annexure of T.No. 65.15.8014

Annexure of T.No. 50.14.8115
Cancellation to tender no. 65.15.8010
Corrigendum to tender No 50.14.8115, 50.15.1017 & 50.15.8078
Corrigendum to tender No 62.15.2011 & 62.15.3603


Tender Schedule of EPS/36/2015
Annexure (PVC) of T.No. 40.15.2022
Annexure A (page 1) of T.No. 40.15.5021
Annexure A (page 2) 40.15.5021

Annexure of T.No. 30.15.1249
Drg.01 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.02 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.03 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.04 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.05 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.06 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.07 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.08 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.09 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.10 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.11 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.12 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.13 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Drg.14 of T. No. 30.15.1464
Specn - Annexure II of T.No. 65.15.8016
STR 01 of T. No. 30.15.1464
STR 02 of T. No. 30.15.1464
STR 03 of T. No. 30.15.1464
STR 04 of T. No. 30.15.1464
STR 05 of T. No. 30.15.1464
STR 06 of T. No. 30.15.1464

Tech Specn - Annexure-II of T.No.65.15.8012
corrigendum to tender No 65.15.8012 & 65.15.8016

corrigendum to tender No 40.15.8024 & 61.15.1204

Corrigendum to tender No.40.15.8024


Tender Schedule of EPS/35/2015
Drg. 1 of T.No. 30.15.5006
Drg. 2 of T. No. 30.15.5006
Annexure of T.No. 40.15.2023
Annexure-A  of T.No. 40.14.5034
Corrigendum to Tender No. 34.15.3114

Corrigendul to Tender No. 38.15.2199


Tender Schedule of EPS/34/2015
Drg. of T.No. 30.15.1444
Drg.01 of T.No. 30.15.1444
Drg.02 of T.No. 30.15.1444
Drg.03 of T.No. 30.15.1444
Drg. 04 of T.No 30.15.1444
Drg.05 of T. No. 30.15.1444
Drg.06 of T.No. 30.15.1444
STR of T. No. 30.15.1444
STR01of T.No. 30.15.1444
STR02 of T.No. 30.15.1444
STR03 of T.No. 30.15.1444
STR04 of T.No. 30.15.1444
Annexure of T. No. 30.15.5007
Drg 5650NS1 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg 5650NS2 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg 5650NS3 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg 5650NS4 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg 5650NS5 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg 5650NS6 of T.No. 50.15.8010
Drg. of T. No. 30.15.1465
Specn of T.No. 50.13.8219
STR of T. No. 30.15.1465
Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.15.4066


Tender Schedule of EPS/33/2015
Annexure of T. No. 30.15.1203
Drawing1 of T.No.30.15.1203
Drawing2 of T.No.30.15.1203
Drawing3 of T.No.30.15.1203
Drawing4 of T. No. 30.15.1203
Drawing5 of T.No.30.15.1203
Drawing 1 of T.No 70.13.5037
Drawing2 of T.No.70.13.5037
Spec. of T.No. 50.13.5037

Manual advertised tender Notice/Document No. WCR/S-HQ/MMIS/AMC/rp3440 Server. Dated 06.07.2015

Tender Notice/Document


Tender Schedule of EPS/32/2015
Annexure of T.No. 40.15.2037
Annexure of T.No 70.15.5021
Corrigrndum to T. NO. 70.15.5021
Corrigendum to Tender No. 40.15.5017


Tender Schedule of manual AT No. 01_2015
Annexure of T.No. 40.14.5047.pdf


Tender Schedule of EPS/31/2015
Annexure of T. NO. 40.14.5048




                                                                         Tender Schedule of EPS/30A/2015
                                                                         Annexure(Drg) of T.No. 50.15.8083
                                                                         Annexure (Drg) of T.No. 50.15.8037


Tender Schedule of EPS/30/2015

Corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.8028

Corrigendum  to Tender No. 40.15.8018
Corrigendum to tender No. 50.15.3035
Annexure (Specn) of T.No.70.15.5036
Annexure-I of T.No. 40.14.8028
Drawing of T.No. 38.15.8000
Annexure of T.No. 90.15.5001
Annexure-I of T.No. 40.15.8018




AT/10.15.1742 AT/10.15.8003 AT/10.15.8006
AT/20.15.3648 AT/20.15.3654 AT/38.15.1868

AT/38.15.3561 AT/40.15.2202 AT/40.15.2222

AT/40.15.2660 AT/40.15.2662 AT/40.15.2663

AT/40.15.2693 AT/50.14.8058 AT/60.15.5004

AT/61.14.2417 AT/61.15.1952 AT/61.15.2401

AT/61.15.2459 AT/62.15.2011 AT/62.15.4025

Corrigendum to tender No.40.15.2222

Tender Schedule of EPS/29/2015
Corrigendum to tender No. 40.15.2662
Cancellation to tender No. 62.15.4025
Corrigendum to tender No. 50.14.8058

Corrigendum to tender No. 61.15.2459

Corrigendum to tender No. 40.15.2202

Annexure of T.No. 40.15.2202

Annexure of T.No. 40.15.2693

Annexure-IIof T.No. 65.15.6500



AT/10.15.4567 AT/10.15.5104 AT/20.14.3130

AT/20.15.1892 AT/20.15.2458 AT/20.15.2535

AT/20.15.3055 AT/20.15.3056 AT/38.15.1772

AT/38.15.2266 AT/40.15.5020 AT/50.14.5127

AT/50.14.8129 AT/60.15.1101 AT/60.15.1233

AT/62.15.4022 AT/65.14.8033 AT/65.15.8014


Tender Schedule of EPS/28/2015
Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.15.2458
Annuexure-II Of T. No. 65.15.8014
Annuexure-II Of T. No. 65.14.8033


AT/10.15.4515 AT/10.15.4531 AT/20.14.1534

AT/20.14.4371 AT/20.14.4389 AT/20.14.8002

AT/20.15.3470 AT/20.15.8000 AT/38.15.1779

AT/38.15.2169 AT/38.15.2173 AT/40.15.1038

AT/40.15.1090 AT/80.15.1008 AT/80.15.1017

AT/80.15.1018 AT

Tender Schedule of EPS/27/2015


AT/10.15.5003 AT/10.15.5106 AT/10.15.5108

AT/10.15.8008 AT/10.15.8009 AT/10.15.8010

AT/10.15.8011 AT/10.15.8015 AT/30.14.1045

AT/30.15.5002 AT/30.15.5004 AT/30.15.5005

AT/30.15.8000 AT/38.15.1776 AT/38.15.1981

AT/38.15.2251 AT/60.15.1007 AT/60.15.5005



Tender Schedule of EPS/26/2015


Annexure-A of T.No. 30.15.5002

Annexure-A of T.No. 30.15.8000

Drawing of T. No. 30.14.1045


Drg. 1 of T. No. 30.15.8000

Drg. 1 of T.No.30.15.5002

Drg. 2 of T. No. 30.15.8000

Drg. 2 of T.No. 30.15.5002

Drg. 3 of T. No. 30.15.8000
Drg. 3 of T.No. 30.15.5002

Drg. 4 of T.No. 30.15.5002

Drg. 4 of T.No. 30.15.8000

Drg. 5 of T.No. 30.15.5002

Specn of T. No. 30.14.1045

STR 1 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 1 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 2 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 2 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 3 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 3 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 4 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 4 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 5 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 5 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 6 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 6 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 7 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 7 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 8 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 8 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 9 of T.No. 30.15.5002

STR 9 of T.No. 30.15.8000

STR 10 of T.No.30.15.5002

STR 10 of T.No.30.15.8000

Annexure of T No 60.15.5005



AT/10.15.1997 AT/10.15.5002 AT/10.15.8019

AT/20.14.3644 AT/30.13.2232 AT/38.15.1616

AT/38.15.2174 AT/38.15.2185 AT/38.15.2327

AT/38.15.2508 AT/38.15.4155 AT/40.14.2196

AT/50.13.8187 AT/50.15.8018 AT/80.14.1038

AT/80.15.5007 AT/80.15.5011


Tender Schedule of EPS/25/2015


Annexure of T.No. 10.15.5002

Annexure-I of T. No. 50.13.8187

Annexure-I of T.No. 50.15.8018

Specn of T. No. 10.15.8019
corrigendum to Tender No. 10.15.8019


Tender Shedule of EPS/24/2015

Annexure-I of tender no. 50.14.5126
Annexure of T. No. 70.15.5003
Annexure of T. No. 70.15.5022
Annexure of T.No. 10.15.5004
Annexure of T.No. 70.15.5023
Annexure of T.No.  70.15.5026
Specn of T.No. 80.14.1334



Tender Shedule of EPS/23/2015

Annexure of T.No. 90.14.1088
Annexure-II  of T.No. 65.14.8020
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.6505
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8023
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8032
Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.  65.14.8015
Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8002
Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.5010
Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.15.8007
corrigendum to Tender No. 40.14.8015



Tender Shedule of EPS/22_A/2015

Annexure of T.No. 57.15.8003
Special  WCR Terms & Conditions of T.No. 57.15.8003



Tender Shedule of EPS/22/2015




          annexure A of tender no 40.14.5034


          Annexure II of tender no 65.13.8065


          Technical Specification and  Annexure II of tender no 65.14.8035



         Tender Shedule of EPS/21/2015           

       Schedule of EPS/20/2015                    

          Aneexure to tender no 50.14.8099


          Annexure to tender no 50148065-toolkit


          Annexure to tender no 50158019-PVC

                    Annexure to tender no 65158009


                    Tender Schedule of EPS/20/2015

corrigendum to Tender No. 90.15.1208

                    Schedule of EPS/19/2015                    

                    AT/20.14.2543 AT/20.14.2760 AT/20.14.3061


                    AT/20.14.4077 AT/20.15.8000 AT/20.15.8001


                    AT/38.14.4170 AT/38.15.2414 AT/50.14.5072


                    AT/80.14.1056 AT/80.14.1062 AT/80.14.1108


          Tender Schedule of EPS/19/2015

corrigendum to tender no 80.14.1108
corrigendum to tender no 80.14.1108 - II

                    Schedule of EPS/18/2015                    

                    AT/10.14.4305 AT/20.14.1500 AT/20.14.4367


                    AT/20.14.8002 AT/38.14.4139 AT/38.15.3402


                    AT/40.14.2302 AT/70.13.5107 AT/70.14.5009


                    AT/80.15.5004 AT/90.14.1014 AT/90.15.1130






                    Tender Schedule of EPS/18/2015




                              Annexure of T.No. 10.14.4305


                              Annexure of T.No. 70.14.5009

                              Annexure-A of T.No. 70.13.5107
                    cancellation to tender no 70.14.5009
                    corrigendum to tender no 20.14.1500
                    Schedule of EPS/17/2015                              

                    AT/20.14.1511 AT/20.14.1832 AT/20.14.2687


                    AT/20.14.3645 AT/20.14.4366 AT/20.14.4409


                    AT/20.15.5005 AT/34.13.1139 AT/34.14.3081


                    AT/38.14.3394 AT/38.15.2003 AT/40.14.5017


                    AT/40.14.5053 AT/40.14.5057 AT/40.15.5009


                    AT/40.15.5010 AT/40.15.8009 AT/50.14.5145


                    AT/50.15.1017 AT/60.14.5022 AT/61.14.1204


                    AT/65.12.8041 AT/65.14.8010 AT/65.15.8006






                    Tender Schedule of EPS/17/2015


                    Annexure-'A' of T.No. 40.15.5009


                              Spec of Tender No. 60.14.5022


                              Specn of T.No. 40.15.8009


                              Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8041


                              Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8010


                              Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.15.8006
                    Annexure of T.No. 20.15.5005
                    corrigendum to Tender No. 34.13.1139

                                        Advertised tender No.WCR-SHQ-Admn InfraPvt.Vehicles-2015-18                                                  Tender Document
                              Schedule           of EPS/16/2015                                                            

                    AT/10.14.5111 AT/10.15.5002 AT/10.15.5004


                    AT/10.15.8001 AT/20.14.3472 AT/20.14.4093
          AT/20.14.4240 AT/20.14.4368 AT/20.14.4373


                    AT/20.15.8005 AT/30.14.1092 AT/30.14.1323


                    AT/30.14.1453 AT/38.15.2144 AT/38.15.2169


                    AT/38.15.4158 AT/50.14.5117 AT/50.14.5126


                    AT/50.14.8058 AT/50.14.8120 AT/50.15.8003


                    AT/50.15.8009 AT/80.14.5023 AT/90.14.1028






                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/16/2015



                              Annexure of T.No. 10.15.5002


                              Annexure of T.No. 10.15.5004


                              Annexure-I of T.No.50.15.8009


                              Annexure-I of T.No. 50.14.5126


                              Specn of T.No. 50.14.8120


                                        Tech Specn of T.No. 50.14.8003
                    corrigendum to tender no 30.14.1323

                              Schedule           of EPS/15/2015                                        

                    AT/10.14.2688           AT/10.14.4427 AT/20.14.1851


                    AT/20.14.2138           AT/20.14.3345 AT/20.14.3396


                    AT/38.14.8034           AT/38.15.2415 AT/60.15.1301


                    AT/65.09.8145           AT/65.12.8034 AT/65.12.8054


                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/15/2015
                    Annexure-II of T.No. 65.09.8145
                    Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8034
                    Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8054
                    Specn of T.No. 65.09.8145

                              Schedule           of EPS/14/2015                                                                      

          AT/20.14.2530           AT/20.14.2534 AT/20.14.2793


          AT/20.14.3309           AT/20.14.4304 AT/30.14.5021


          AT/38.14.3382           AT/38.14.8004 AT/38.14.8039


          AT/38.15.1651           AT/50.14.5127 AT/80.14.1020






                    Tender Schedule of EPS/14/2015




                              Drg. of T. No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 01 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 02 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 03 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 04 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 05 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 06 of T.No. 30.14.5021


                              Spec 07 of T.No. 30.14.5021



                              Schedule           of EPS/13/2015                                        

                    AT/10.12.5155 AT/10.14.1641           AT/20.14.1812


                    AT/20.14.2531 AT/20.14.3304           AT/20.14.3313


                    AT/20.14.4076 AT/20.14.4106           AT/20.14.4115


                    AT/20.14.4146 AT/30.15.5000           AT/38.15.3376


                    AT/40.14.8028 AT/40.15.5006           AT/40.15.5007


                    AT/40.15.8001 AT/40.15.8004           AT/50.14.5118


                    AT/50.14.8054 AT/50.15.5010           AT/65.14.8030


                    AT/80.14.1056 AT/90.14.1317






                              Tender Schedule of EPS/13/2015


                              Annexure-A of T.No. 40.15.5007


                              Annexure-I of T.No. 40.14..8028


                              Drg. of T.No.30.15.5000


                              Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8030
                              corrigendum to Tender No. 50.14.5118

                    Schedule of EPS/12/2015                                                            

                    AT/10.13.4527           AT/10.14.4635 AT/20.14.2471


                    AT/20.14.3581           AT/20.14.4077 AT/20.14.4139


                    AT/20.14.4348           AT/30.14.1202 AT/30.14.1240


                    AT/40.14.1772           AT/50.14.8124 AT/50.14.8127


                    AT/60.14.5024           AT/61.14.1302






                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/12/2015




                              Annexure of T.No. 20.14.3581


                              Annexure-A of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drawing1 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drawing2 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drawing3 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drawing4 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drawing5 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              Drg. of T.No. 60.14.5024


                              Specnof T.No. 50.14.8124


                              SPL Cond.1 T.No. of 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.2 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.3 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.4 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.5 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.6 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.7 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.8 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                              SPL Cond.9 of T.No. 30.14.1202


                                        SPL Cond. of T.No. 30.14.1202

                    Schedule of EPS/11/2015                                        

                    AT/10.14.4352 AT/10.15.8000           AT/10.15.8002


                    AT/20.14.1534 AT/38.14.2606           AT/40.14.5043


                    AT/40.14.8034 AT/40.15.5003           AT/40.15.5005


                    AT/40.15.8003 AT/60.14.5017           AT/90.14.1112




                              Tender Schedule of EPS/11/2015


                              Annexure of T.No. 60.14.5017

                    Schedule of EPS/10_A/2015                                                            





                              Tender Schedule of EPS/10_A/2015


                              Terms and conditions of T.No. 57.15.8003


                                        Annexure of T.No. 57.15.8003

                    Schedule of EPS/10/2015                                        

                    AT/10.14.5111 AT/10.15.8001           AT/20.14.4319


                    AT/20.15.8000 AT/20.15.8001           AT/20.15.8002


                    AT/20.15.8003 AT/30.14.1092           AT/30.14.1243


                    AT/40.14.2662 AT/40.15.8000           AT/50.14.3111


                    AT/50.14.5067 AT/50.14.5133           AT/50.14.8046


                    AT/50.14.8097 AT/50.15.8002           AT/57.15.8000


                    AT/57.15.8001 AT/60.15.8000           AT/70.14.8009


                    AT/70.15.5000 AT/70.15.8025




                              Tender Schedule of EPS/10/2015


                              Annexure -1 of T. No. 57.15.8000


                              Annexure -1 of T. No. 40.15.8000
                    Annexure -2 of T. No. 40.15.8000


                              Annexure -1 of T. No. 57.15.8001


                              Annexure of T.No. 70.15.5000


                              Annexure of T.No. 70.14.8009


                              Annexure-A2 Specn of T.No. 57.15.8001


                              Drg of T.No. 50.14.8046


                              Specn of T.No. 57.15.8000


                              Tech Specn of T.No. 50.14.5067


                                        Tech Specn of T.No. 70.15.8025
                    Cancellation of T.No. 30.14.1092

                    Schedule of EPS/09/2015                                                  

                              AT/20.13.8006 AT/20.14.2530 AT/20.14.2543


                              AT/20.14.2844 AT/20.14.4232 AT/20.15.5000


                              AT/30.14.1203 AT/38.15.2606 AT/40.14.2014


                              AT/60.13.8003 AT/65.14.8028 AT/80.14.1032






                              Tender Schedule of EPS/09/2015


                                        Spec to tender no. 65.14.8028 Part-1


                                        Spec to tender no. 65.14.8028 Part-2


                                        ANNEXURE-1(Specn)OF T.No. 60.13.8003


                                        ANNEXURE-2Eligibility OF T.No. 60.13.8003


                                        Annexure of T.No.30.14.1203


                                        Drawing1 of T.No.30.14.1203


                                        Drawing2 of T.No.30.14.1203


                                        Drawing3 of T.No.30.14.1203


                                        Drawing4 of T.No.30.14.1203

                    Schedule of EPS/08/2015                              

                    AT/10.14.5606 AT/20.14.3571           AT/30.14.1115


                    AT/30.14.1163 AT/30.14.1164           AT/30.14.1454


                    AT/38.14.2495 AT/40.14.5057           AT/40.14.8023


                    AT/40.14.8027 AT/50.14.3200           AT/50.14.5078


                    AT/50.14.8012 AT/50.14.8083           AT/61.14.1542


                    AT/65.14.8032 AT/65.14.8034           AT/70.15.5003


                    AT/80.14.1141 AT/80.14.1314           AT/80.14.1317


                    AT/80.14.1324 AT/80.14.1334           AT/80.14.1341








                              Tender Schedule of EPS/08/2015


                                        Annexure 'A' of T.No. 80.14.1334Drg


                                        Annexure of T.No.70.15.5003


                                        Annexure-I of T.No. 40.14.8023 PVC


                                        Annexure-I of T.No. 40. 14..8027


                                        Specn-1 of T.No. 50.14.5078


                                        Specn-2 of T.No. 50.14.5078


                                        Specn-3 of T.No. 50.14.5078


                                        Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8034


                                        Specn of T.No. 80.14.1314


                                        Specn of T.No. 80.14.1324


                                        Specn of T.No. 80.14.1334


                                        Specn of T.No. 80.14.1341


                                        Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8032
                    Corrigendum to Tender No. 80.14.1324
                    Cancellation Advice of T.No. 80.14.1324

                    Schedule of EPS/07/2015                                                  

                    AT/10.14.2402 AT/20.14.5037           AT/38.14.1847


                    AT/38.14.3559 AT/38.14.4156           AT/40.14.2187


                    AT/40.14.5034 AT/40.15.5000           AT/50.14.8036


                    AT/61.14.1657 AT/61.14.2455           AT/80.14.1020


                    AT/80.14.1306 AT/80.14.1318




                              Tender Schedule of EPS/07/2015


                              Annexure-A of T.No. 40.14.5034


                              Annexure-A of T.No. 40.15.5000


                                        Sketch of IPS T.No. 50.14.8036
                    corrigendum to Tender No. 38.14.3559 &  61.14.1657

                                        Schedule of EPS/06/2015                    

                    AT/10.14.1643           AT/10.14.1964 AT/10.14.2614


                    AT/10.14.2841           AT/20.13.8021 AT/20.14.1851


                    AT/20.14.2458           AT/20.14.3130 AT/20.14.8002


                    AT/38.14.3382           AT/38.14.3562 AT/40.14.2200


                    AT/40.14.5055           AT/40.14.8026 AT/50.14.5127


                    AT/50.14.8125           AT/62.13.1100 AT/65.14.8033


                              AT/80.14.1307 AT/80.14.8000






                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/06/2015




                                        Annexure of T.No. 40.14.5055


                                        Annexure of T.No. 40.14.8026


                                        Annexure of T.No. 50.14.8125


                                        Annexure-B of T.No.80.14.8000


                                        Specn & annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8033
                    corrigendum to Tender No. 62.13.1100

                    Schedule of EPS/05/2015                                                  

                    AT/10.14.8000 AT/20.14.3397           AT/20.14.3565


                    AT/20.14.3604 AT/20.14.4327           AT/30.14.1229


                    AT/30.14.1272 AT/30.14.1402           AT/30.14.1497


                    AT/30.14.5020 AT/30.14.8006           AT/34.14.3119


                    AT/38.14.1125 AT/38.14.3351           AT/38.14.3364


                    AT/38.14.3560 AT/38.14.4145           AT/40.14.5051


                    AT/40.14.5052 AT/40.14.5053           AT/40.14.8028


                    AT/50.14.8120 AT/61.14.1030           AT/61.14.1721


                    AT/65.13.8050 AT/65.14.6504           AT/65.14.8000








                              Tender Schedule of EPS/05/2015


                              Annexure of T.No. 38.14.3560


                              Annexure-I of T.No. 40.14..8028


                              Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8000


                              Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.13.8050


                              Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.6504


                              Specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8010


                              Specn of T.No. 50.14.8120
                    Annexure-1 of T.No.10.14.8000
                    Annexure-2 of T.No.10.14.8000
                    Annexure-3 of T.No.10.14.8000
                    Annexure-4 of T.No.10.14.8000
                    Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.14.4327
                    Corrigendum to Tender No. 50.14.8120
                    Cancellation Advice of T.No. 50.14.8120

                                        Schedule of EPS/04/2015                    

                    AT/10.13.5095           AT/10.14.3739 AT/20.14.4063


                    AT/20.14.4118           AT/38.14.2171 AT/38.14.2260


                    AT/38.14.3413           AT/38.14.4171 AT/40.14.1389


                    AT/50.14.5115           AT/50.14.5120 AT/50.14.5123








                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/04/2015




                              Annexure of T.No. 50.14.5120


                              Drg. of T.No. 60.14.5024


                              DRG_1 of T.No. 10.13.5095


                              DRG_2 of T.No. 10.13.5095


                              DRG_3 of T.No. 10.13.5095


                              DRG_4 of T.No. 10.13.5095


                              Specn of T.No.50.14.5115


                              Specn of T.No. 50.14.5120
                    corrigendum to Tender No.20.14.4063 &  38.14.4171
                    corrigendum to Tender No. 50.14.5123
                    Corrigendum-II to Tender No. 50.14.5123

                    Schedule of EPS/03/2015                                                  

          AT/10.13.5013 AT/10.14.3347           AT/10.14.4111


          AT/20.14.4406 AT/30.14.1028           AT/30.14.1064


          AT/30.14.1155 AT/30.14.1156           AT/30.14.1157


          AT/30.14.1223 AT/30.14.1240           AT/30.14.1279


          AT/30.14.5019 AT/34.13.1139           AT/38.14.2168


          AT/38.14.2202 AT/38.14.2419           AT/38.14.2611


          AT/38.14.4150 AT/38.14.8004           AT/38.14.8038


          AT/38.14.8043 AT/50.13.5010           AT/50.14.3111


          AT/70.14.8008 AT/90.14.1088






                    Tender Schedule of EPS/03/2015


                              Annexure of T.No. 10.13.5013


                              Annexure of T.No. 70.14.8009


                              Annexure of T.No. 90.14.1088


                              Specn of T.No. 50.13.5010


                    Corrigendum to Tender No. 50.14.3111

                    Schedule of EPS/02/2015                    

                              AT/10.14.5606 AT/20.14.3298 AT/38.14.2495


                              AT/40.14.1705 AT/40.14.2015 AT/57.14.8005


                              AT/70.14.5080 AT/90.14.1317





                                        Tender Schedule of EPS/02/2015




                                        Annexure-1 of T.No. 57.14.8005


                                        Annexure-A1 (Specn) of T.No. 57.14.8005


                                        Specn & Conditions of T.No. 70.14.5080
                    corrigendum to Tender No. 10.14.5606

                    Advertised tender No.WCR-S-HQ-MMIS-AMC-rp           3440 Server          

                                        Tender document

                    Schedule of EPS/01/2015                    

                    AT/10.12.5247 AT/10.14.5605           AT/20.12.5044


                    AT/20.14.3314 AT/20.14.3446           AT/20.14.4372


                    AT/30.14.1248 AT/38.14.2071           AT/50.14.5092


                    AT/60.14.5023 AT/65.12.8034           AT/65.14.8029


                    AT/65.14.8031 AT/90.14.8008





                              Tender Schedule of EPS/01/2015




                              Annexure-II of T.No. 65.14.8031


                              Schedule- A Tech Specn & Annexure-II of T.No.65.14.8029


                              Specification of T.No. 60.14.5023

                                        Tech specn & Annexure-II of T.No. 65.12.8034

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 09-12-2016  

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