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June 2017

Collective Railway Board Circulars/HQ guidelines on GST implementation

                                                                          JUNE 2017

GST Daily Feedback to

Rly Board-2017












GST Accounts letter-2017

Minutes of GST Meeting 06.06.17

  Nomination of Staff 07.06.17

  Implementation of GST 08.06.17

  Implementation of GST 09.06.17

  Mapping of States14.06.17 WCR

  Mapping of states 14.06.17 Fgn Rly

  Provision of PC internet 14.06.17

  Migration to GST Regime 15.06.17

  Action to GST Compliance 15.06.17

  Training of Staff 15.06.17

  Non-Computerized Transaction 16.06.17

  DFMs Sundry receipts 21.06.2017

  Provision of PC Internet 21.06.2017

  AGM letter for providing list of business places

  GST Account Procedure input Tax Credit

  Minutes of meeting on GST 20.06.2017

  Training on GST implementation

  Format for GST related Manual Data Entry

  Implementation of GST Act 2017 Procedure for payment of 
Contract Bill

  Intimation of GST No.of state of Madhya Pradesh

Railway Board Circulars on


  Implementations of GST (RBA - 03 dt.20-01-17)

  Implementations of GST (RBA- 30 dt.08-03-17)

  Creations of of GST cell in board office (RBA–37 dt.29-03-17)

  GST  Empowered committee for overseening and implementing GST
      (RBA- 38 dt.29-03-2017)

  Goods and service Txt (GST)-Indian Rly (RBA- 46 dt.19-04-17)

  Implementations of GST (RBA- 51 dt.03-05-2017)

  GST on IR software Changes UPs (RBA- 54 dt.12-05-2017)

  Implementations of GST On Indian Rly (RBA – 55 dt.12-05-17)

  Implementations of GST (RBA – 57 dt.15-05-2017)

  GST chapter wise rate wise schedule 18.05.2017

  GST Registration (RBA- 58 dt.19-05-2017)

  Transitional Guidelines of GST (RBA- 59 dt.19-05-2017)

  Preparing for Compliance with G&S Act (RBA-60dt.23-05-17)

  GST Registration (RBA-61 dt.24-05-17)

  GST Registration (RBA-66 dt.05-06-17)

  GST Accounting Procedure for Capturing Output Liabilit (RBA- 67 dt.07-06-17)

  GST  GST daily feedback to Railway Board (RBA-69 Dt. 09-06-2017 )

  CRB GST (Dt. 09-06-2017)

  GST  The details approach paper for implementation of GST on the subject of
     Traffic, Commercial Directorate (RBA 72 Dt.09-06-2017)

  Revise rate of GST

  GST Registration (RBA-70 dt.15-06-2017)

  Migration of GST regime Special Tender Condition

  Notification GST Rates (Dt.15-06-2017)

  Transitional Provisions-Sec139-142-Ch-XX-CGST

  GST allotment of pan for GST (RBA-73 Dt.19-06-2017)

  GST  provision of dummy GSTIN (RBA 74 Dt.19-06-2017)

  GST  GST registration (RBA 85 Dt.21-06-2017)

  GST  GST accounting procedure input tax credits   (RBA 78 Dt. 22-06-2017)

  GST Indian Railways AutoSaved

  Migration GS_30052017



  TP-1 Transitional Provisions CGST Act 2017 Part-I

  TP-2-updated Transitional Provisions CGST Act 2017 Part-II

  GST     Implementation of GST act 2017 Procedure for payment of contractual bill 
                (RBA-83 Dt. 29.06.2017)

  GST    Compliance with the GST act 2017 change in para (A) of clause 6 part 1 of  
                 Indian railways standard general condition of contract July 2014  
                 (RBA-80 Dt.29-06-2017) 
  GST     Format for GST Related Manual dada entry  (RBA-81 Dt.29-06-2017)

  GST     GST in IR - Upload of data by production units (RBA-82 Dt.29-06-2017)

  GST     Provision of dummy GSTIN( RBA 84 Dt.29-06-2017)

  GST     user ID & password for accessing utility for GST
                  (RBA 85 Dt.30-06-2017)

  GST    Invoicing for supply of rails from sail under GST regime  
                  (RBA 86 Dt.30-06-2017)

Source : West Central Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 07-05-2018  

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