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"For tenders issued by Materials Management Department, West Central Railway please visit website". 

Advertised Tenders

Tender Notice No.


Tender Shedule of EPS/21-2011



Advertise Tender Notice No-AT/10/2011

E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No EPS-19-2011

Tender Shedule of Advertise tender Shedule of        EPS-19-2011

E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No EPS-18-2011

Description of Item

AT/30.10.2603, AT/30.10.8028, AT/30.11.1238,
AT/30.11.1868, AT/30.11.2259, AT/34.10.3038,
AT/, AT/62.11.2011, AT/80.10.1006,
AT/80.10.1514, AT/90.09.8023
/20.10.3350 AT/20.10.4046 AT/20.10.1210
AT/20.10.2260    AT/20.10.2261      AT/20.10.3375
AT/20.103386     AT/20.10.0026      AT/20.10.1311
Tender Shedule of EPS/20/2011

Tender Shedule of AT/10/2011

AT/20.10.1653  AT/20.10.1886  AT/20.10.4019
AT/30.09.1041  AT/40.10.5080  AT/40.11.8027
AT/80.09.1314  AT/40.10.1140  AT/80.10.1184
AT/90.11.1083  AT/50.11.5012

Specification to Tender No.50.11.5012


download tender notice

Specification to Tender No.65.11.8004

Cancellation of Tender No 70.10.5023 due on
03.05.2011 against EPS-18-2011

E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No EPS-17-2011

Specification to Tender No.65.10.6515
Specification to Tender No.50.10.6502
Tender Schedules of Advertised Tender Notice No. EPS_17_2011


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/09/2011

Tender Schedules of Advertised Tender Notice No. AT-09-2011






AT/10.11.2477, AT/20.10.1778, AT/20.10.4015,
AT/40.10.2023, AT/40.10.2501, AT/40.10.2502,
AT/40.10.5053, AT/40.10.5071, AT/40.11.5001,
AT/57.10.8026, AT/80.09.1337

Download Tender Notice

Annex to Tender No.40.10.5053

Specification to Tender No.57.10.8026

Specification to Tender No.80.09.1337


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/14/2011

AT/10.10.2711, AT/20.10.4106, AT/30.09.1770,
AT/30.10.1981, AT/30.10.2177, AT/30.10.2226,
AT/30.10.3374, AT/30.10.3380, AT/30.10.3395,
AT/30.10.3401, AT/30.10.3413, AT/30.11.2259,
AT/40.10.1771, AT/40.10.2014, AT/40.10.2613,
AT/50.11.8005, AT/61.10.2429, AT/65.11.8002,

Download Tender Notice

Tender schedule to Tender No.57.11.5000 against RC_Cartridge

Technical Specification of Tender No. 65.11.8002

Corrigendum to Tender No. 50.10.8005 against EPS_14_2011


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/07/2011


Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No.65108041


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/13/2011

AT/10.10.1135, AT/20.09.2078, AT/20.10.1431,
AT/20.10.3186, AT/20.10.5055, AT/30.08.1274,
AT/30.09.2173, AT/30.10.1172, AT/30.10.1616,
AT/30.10.1776, AT/30.10.1879, AT/30.10.2210,
AT/30.10.2276, AT/30.11.2200, AT/30.11.2222,
AT/50.10.8246, AT/50.10.8267, AT/60.10.8009,
AT/65.11.8010, AT/50.11.8002, AT/65.11.8007,
AT/65.11.8012, AT/65.11.8013, AT/65.11.8015,

Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No60.10.8009

Specification to Tender No.50108246


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/06/2011


Download Tender Notice

Specification of Tender No. 65078012


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/12/2011

AT/20.10.4026, AT/20.10.4087, AT/30.09.2523,
AT/30.10.1678, AT/30.10.2116, AT/30.10.2187,
AT/30.10.2365, AT/30.10.5018, AT/40.10.2215,
AT/50.10.8119, AT/50.10.8224, AT/50.10.8280,
AT/61.10.2407, AT/90.11.1118, AT/90.11.1119

Download Tender Notice                                                  

Corrigendum to Tender No 20.10.4026

Corrigendum to Tender No.50.10.8280

Specification to Tender No.50.10.8280

Drg. No. To Tender No.50108224

Drg.No. to Tender No.50.10.8119

Corrigendum AT/61.10.2407


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/05/2011


Download Tender Notice


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/11/2011

AT/10.11.3767, AT/20.10.4042, AT/20.10.4093,
AT/20.10.4112, AT/20.10.5042, AT/20.10.8004,
AT/20.11.4058, AT/20.11.4089, AT/20.11.4229,
AT/30.09.2419, AT/30.10.1091, AT/30.10.1214,
AT/30.10.1466, AT/30.10.8019, AT/30.11.8003,
AT/40.10.8217, AT/40.10.8218, AT/50.10.8189,
AT/80.10.1045, AT/90.10.1047

Download Tender Notice

Corrigendum to Tender No. 80.10.1045

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.10.4093

Corrigendum to Tender No.20.114058

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.10.4042

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.10.8004

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.11.4089

Annexure to Tender No.50.10.8189

Specification to Tender No.30101466

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_1

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_2

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_3

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_4

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_5

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_6

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_7

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_8

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_9

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_10

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_11

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_12

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_13

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_14

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_15

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_16

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_17

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_18

Drawing to tender No. 30.10.1466_19


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/10/2011

AT/10.10.2427, AT/10.11.5001, AT/20.10.4077,
AT/30.10.1464, AT/30.10.1769, AT/30.10.2139,
AT/40.10.2015, AT/50.09.3121, AT/50.10.4004,
AT/50.10.8267, AT/50.11.5004, AT/60.10.8008,
AT/60.11.5001, AT/80.09.1337, AT/80.11.1423,
AT/80.11.1467, AT/80.11.1468, AT/90.11.1127, AT/20.10.4060,
AT/20.10.4084, AT/20.10.4096, AT/20.10.4215,
AT/30.10.1210, AT/50.10.8182, AT/80.10.1047

Download Tender Notice

Corrigendum to Tender No. 80.10.1337

Specification to Tender No. 80.09.1337

Corrigendum to Tender No. 50115004

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.10.4060

Corrigendum to Tender No. 20.10.4096

Corrigendum to Tender No. 50.10.8267

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 1

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 2

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 3

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 4

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 5

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 6

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 7

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 8

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 9

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 10

Drg. to Tender No.30.10.1464 11

Specification to 60.10.8008

Specification to Tender No.30101464

Specification to Tender No.80.09.1337


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/09/2011

AT/10.11.3157, AT/10.11.3766, AT/20.10.2159,
AT/20.10.4110, AT/30.10.1465, AT/30.10.1611,
AT/30.10.2261, AT/30.10.2359, AT/30.10.2606,
AT/30.10.8029, AT/50.10.5090, AT/50.10.8096,
AT/60.09.5020, AT/60.10.1235, AT/61.10.1544,
AT/65.10.8051, AT/65.10.8080, AT/80.10.1146

Download Tender Notice

Anexure ot Tender No.50.10.8096

Annexure to Tender No.30.10.2359

Specification to Tender No.30.10.1465

Specification to Tender No.65.10.8051

Specification to Tender No.65.10.8080

Tender Schedules of AT_09_2011


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/08/2011

AT/10.10.1344, AT/10.10.2482, AT/10.10.2532,
AT/10.10.2534, AT/30.09.1180, AT/30.09.8013,
AT/30.10.1063, AT/30.10.1312, AT/30.10.2212,
AT/30.10.2212, AT/30.10.2251, AT/30.10.2409,
AT/30.11.8001, AT/40.10.2192, AT/40.10.2660,
AT/40.10.2661, AT/40.10.2662, AT/40.10.2663,
AT/50.10.8187, AT/50.10.8255, AT/61.10.1513,
AT/80.10.1008, AT/90.10.1311

Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No.50.10.8187


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/04/2011

AT/65.10.8019, AT/65.10.8041, AT/65.10.8087

Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No.65.10.8019

Specification to Tender No.65.10.8087

Specification to Tender No.65108041


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/07/2011

AT/10.10.1641, AT/10.10.5093, AT/30.10.2604,
AT/30.10.3351, AT/30.10.3561, AT/30.10.3568,
AT/40.10.1724, AT/40.10.2037, AT/40.10.2202,
AT/50.11.5001, AT/61.10.2427, AT/61.10.2459,

Download Tender Notice

Corrigendum to Tender No.40102037

Corrigendum to Tender No.40.10.2037

Cancellation to Tender No. 61.10.2459

Corrigendum to Tender No.40.10.2202

Cancellation to Tender No. 80.10.5028

Annexure to Tender NO.10.10.5093


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/06/2011

AT/20.10.2451, AT/20.10.3065, AT/20.10.3237,
AT/20.10.4017, AT/30.07.2259, AT/40.10.5070,
AT/40.10.5073, AT/50.10.8113, AT/65.10.8060

Download Tender Notice

Spcification to Tender No.65108060

Annexure to Tender No.50.10.8113


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/05/2011

AT/10.10.2631, AT/10.10.2703, AT/20.10.1012,
AT/20.10.4047, AT/20.10.5060, AT/30.09.2405,
AT/30.10.1795, AT/30.10.2260, AT/30.10.3352,
AT/40.10.2658, AT/60.10.1234, AT/61.10.1543,

Download Tender Notice

Corrigendum to Tender N.30.10.3352


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/04/2011

AT/20.09.3592, AT/20.10.1013, AT/20.10.4015,
AT/30.09.1041, AT/30.09.1308, AT/30.10.2567,
AT/34.10.3114, AT/50.10.5137, AT/60.10.5011,
AT/80.10.1062, AT/90.10.1047, AT/90.10.8001

Download Tender Notice

Annexure to tender20093592


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/03/2011

AT/65.10.8082, AT/65.10.8083, AT/65.10.8084
AT/65.10.8085, AT/65.10.8086

Download Tender Notice

Annexure to tender No.65.10.8082

Annexure to tender No.65108083

Annexure to tender No.65108084

Annexure to tender No.65108085

Annexure to tender No.65108086


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/03/2011

AT/01.09.1013, AT/10.10.1509, AT/10.10.1519,
AT/20.10.3309, AT/20.10.4019, AT/30.09.1098,
AT/30.10.1616, AT/30.10.2171, AT/30.10.8026,
AT/34.10.3036, AT/40.10.1678, AT/40.10.2200,
AT/40.10.2215 AT/40.10.2230, AT/40.10.5041,
AT/40.10.5053, AT/40.10.5062, AT/50.10.8201
AT/61.10.2401, AT/65.10.6515

Download Tender Notice

corrigendum to Tender No. 40.10.5062

Annexure to Tender No.40.10.5053

Annexure to Tender No.50.10.8201

Specification to Tender No.65.10.6515


Advertise Tender Notice No. AT/02/2011

AT/65.10.5027, AT/65.10.6502

Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No.65.10.5027

Specification to Tender No.65.10.6502


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/02/2011

AT/10.10.1643, AT/10.10.1646, AT/20.09.3470,
AT/20.10.4091, AT/20.10.5031, AT/20.10.5044,
AT/20.10.5052, AT/20.10.8002, AT/34.10.3070,
AT/40.10.1955, AT/40.10.2065, AT/40.10.2068,
AT/40.10.2233 AT/50.10.8226, AT/65.10.6508,
AT/80.10.1045, AT/80.10.1047, AT/80.10.1326

Download Tender Notice

Sketch to tender No.65.10.6508.


Advertise TeAdvertise Tender Notice No. AT/01/2011nder Notice No. AT/01/2011


Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No. 65.10.8031


E-Procurement Advertise Tender Notice No. EPS/01/2011

AT/10.10.2614, AT/20.09.3442, AT/30.10.8025,
AT/40.10.2063, AT/40.10.8140, AT/50.09.8198,
AT/50.10.5114, AT/50.10.8126, AT/50.10.8243,
AT/50.10.8255, AT/60.10.8015, AT/65.10.5029,

Download Tender Notice

Specification to Tender No.65.10.5029

Specification to Tender No.70.10.8033

Specification to Tender No.5010.8126.pdf


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